Saturday, 23 April 2016

Bearstrike update: PCBs

Sorry have been neglecting this blog and posting projects to Bearocratic facebook directly. 
Time for another long overdue update. 

Tagger boards (Gun board). 
The current tagger board is stable, some improvements over the past generations and issues resolved. +5volt step up circuit for better IR range when running off a single cell lipo. 
+USB charging onboard. 
+New formfactor 
+More compact design for more compact taggers. 
+There also has been an overhaul of the user interface to not overwhelm players with too much information. heap of code changes to makes the This version had a issues with connectors covering some of the pin/connector labeling (now fixed)
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Not much has changed here for a few months, still needs a case but is much more compact than previous generation. still wireless and can be shot. 
Has USB charging onboard. No automatic alt text available.

Still wireless and still small.
Current version is has USB charging onboard. 
Now instead of two TSOP34856 on the front of the headsensor there is the newer and improved TSOP75356W IR receivers as well as the addition of extra sensors for the side of player’s heads for improved hit detection from all angles. As the headsensor is now much flatter the case design will be much simpler. 
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LED board 
This board is what is mounted in the tagger behind the lens, this version uses SMD LEDs which allow the muzzle flash to be much more closely grouped with the IR beam. The IR LED is also a OSRAM SFH 4545 that provides better beam angle and spread over the common Vishay TSAL6100. 
The board also has a jumper and optional resistor pads for if you wanted to use this board in taggers using other systems. Image may contain: indoorImage may contain: 3 people

Universal IR Targets. 
These are designed to be low cost simple IR lasertag targets that should work with most systems. The target is semi dumb in the terms that it does not decode the IR data packet, it reacts based off if it received an IR data packets size bigger than the minimum size of most Lasertag systems or even your TV remote while filtering out most interference sources. 
When hit the target flashed, beeps and vibrates so if you attach some to yourself you can tell which direction you were shot from (this overcomes one of the shortcomings that Lasertag has when compared with airsoft or other systems that use projectiles) 

The Arduino source code is free and can be accessed from Kits will be available from the web store soon which will contain everything you need to assemble one. The board is designed to be as simple as possible with the lowest number of parts and easy to solder. 
The board also has the future option of i2c for if you wanted to create a network of i2c connected sensors or connect the sensors via i2c to other devices.

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