Thursday, 19 September 2013

RFnode PlayerZ update

More progress.

I picked up some Playstation Sharpshooter controllers and converted them with some of the old parts I had. The units are using the older RFnodeB1 board which was not designed for this but still works well. I am due to receive my PlayerZ boards in about 2 weeks and enough parts to make at least 10 zombies(with sound modules) 

I now have a total of 5 working taggers. The Sony Sharpshoot case works well as it has 8 buttons and plenty of space (and is cheap). Currently I have all buttons connected and working but not all assigned to functions yet.

Head sensor is also working using the RFnodeB1 board.

The head unit runs the full version of my PlayerZ code so is the only piece of hardware you need to play (but you might want something to shoot with too). The final version will have more IR LEDs on the front for doing Zombie damage, currently I have just one for testing and using it combined with wireless for Zombie damage.

I am also waiting for the sound modules and speakers so they are missing from the above. I have coded using both a sound module(WTV020) that plays WAV files from the microSD card as well as using a PC speaker style buzzer.

I have also started a Facebook page for my projects, come like me.

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