Monday, 22 October 2012

Projects of interest

Hi Peoples,

I have 3 projects that I am starting on but want to gauge interest levels. 
All 3 projects will be the basses for other bigger projects.
Projects 2 & 3 are the easiest as I have already done them before in concept.

Project 1 has the most potential in my mind but requires me to work with an overseas vendor with less control over the project. 

Project 1, Arduino Wifi access point shield/Cloud connected Arduino.
Currently you can get Wifi shields and network shields for Arduinos but the Arduino lacks the resources to use the full potential of the these, this includes full featured web pages and full network stack. 

In looking for ways to bridge my RFnodes to the internet I have played around with openWRT and using Arduino to control pocket sized Wifi routers. I have come across small Wifi device that can be used as a accesspoint or in client mode, has 1mb of web space and has a TTL UART for connecting serial devices like an Arduino. The serial port can be used to pass data back to a web service allowing you to have a cloud connected Arduino project. As it only uses the TTL RX/TX pins you have all you other pins free for you project and only requires you to include code if you want to configure the Wifi shield.
You can create web pages in the shield that would allow you to send data to Arduino project and has support for a camera, so you can even create a wifi controlled pan/tilt camera.
Bridge Arduino projects to the internet via Wifi.
Make it easier for internet controlled Arduino projects with web interfaces and support web services/cloud services.

802.11BG router with support for AP/STA mode
1MB user space for web pages and scripts

Still scoping

Project 2, Arduino with H-bridge and Bluetooth

I am looking to make a small PCB with an Atmega88/168/328 with support for the Arduino IDE. The design will be based around the RFnode but without the radio and a 2 channel H-bridge and TTL Bluetooth UART module in its place.

The board will support 2 bidirectional motors and with Bluetooth can be paired and controlled by almost any smartphone.

So making something like a little robot tank that is controlled by your phone will be an trivial task.

Board will be programmed via USB using the V-USB, This also supports making the board act as a HID keyboard/mouse/...

Create a low cost small Bluetooth Arduino with onboard H-Bridge.
By creating a
standard smartphone compatible Bluetooth robot board we might get some more app developers onboard.

+ V-USB Arduino (
+ 2 channel H-Bridge with support for 2 motors
+ Bluetooth UART module

+ Cost to assemble may make this non-economical unless can get numbers

Project 3, Low cost Atmega88 based Arduino 

There have been a few Attiny boards starting to popup that support the Arduino IDE. These boards use the Attiny instead of the Atmega as they are cheaper but do not have all the features of an Atmega. Not only do they not have as much Ram/Flash/Eprom but are also lacking support for some Arduino functions.

An Atmega88 is compatible with a Atmega168/328 and so the Arduino IDE but almost the same price as the Attiny. It should be possible to create a low cost Adruino clone for less then $5 worth of parts. 

Low cost Atmega88 Arduino board for less then $5

+ Atmega88(6k application space)
+ V-USB Arduino (

+ SMD parts (to hard for most people to solder)
+ Cost to assemble may make this non-economical and more expensive then a full feature Arduino unless can get done in large numbers

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