Friday, 17 August 2012

Now printing with platic

Just purchased an old Rapman that needed a little work from someone in Sydney for a good price. It was kind an impulse buy, I have ordered and have been waiting for a Makibox for a few months( but one of the guys called me and asked if I wanted it.  

So I introduce my first PLA testprint. I call him Wobot, took about 5 mins to design in Google Sketchup and takes about 40mins to print.

Wobot in Google Sketchup
Wobot printing

Wobot printed and cleaned up a little, accidently broke his teeth out while cleaning

Before printing with PLA I did try printing with ABS but as I don't have a heated bed I get bad warping and the print quality does not look as good.

Very first print, A happy/sad coin

Here are some of the ABS parts I printed before I got the PLA.

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