Friday, 6 July 2012

RFnodes v1.1

RFnode PCB v1.1a
This version of the PCB I move some of the pins around to makes the unit more compact. As the boards normally take 3-4 weeks from time of ordering to arriving I ordered these boards before I had received and tested the Version 1.0 PCBs so had many of the same issues  

Assembled board with DHT11 temperature/humidity sensor attached

AMS1117 power consumption work around.
As a workaround to the AMS1117 power consumption issue I tried adding a diode that helped but only helped by dropped by about 70% and introduced a new issue of voltage drop from the voltage regulator dropping the voltage from 3.3 volts to 2.6 volts. USB still works and the board operates fine but not a long term fix.

I am trying to keep the board as user simple as possible so did not want to add switches. I also want to keep the board cost low so didn't want start adding item that would raise the cost too much (p-channel mosfets

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